Our newest saints, Rachael and Teddy
Otto . . .
Louise . . .
Our newest saints.... Rachael & Teddy
Otto & Rachael
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Otto on the lookout for chipmunks
Billy & Otto
Otto & Louise
Schafer & Schatzie
Louise at the pool

Our newest saints, Rachael and Teddy

The Summit Saints

For over 40 years, Saint Bernards have graced the grounds and our everyday lives here at the Summit Lodge. Our dogs are introduced to the Summit Lodge routine at a young age and quickly adapt to its unique lifestyle.

Throughout the years, a male Saint Bernard and a female Saint Bernard have lived simultaneously on the grounds of the Summit Lodge. Each dog has its own distinctive personality and markings. The Summit Saints learn to greet guests, pose for photos and quickly become accustomed to everyday life at the lodge.

Our Saints consider the Summit Lodge and its grounds their home. Therefore, we do not allow other dogs on-site or in guest rooms.

Meet our one-of-a-kind Saints of the Summit . . .



was an immediate hit with the guests. She made herself at home quickly. Rumor has it her Saint instincts were at their best when leading lost Pub patrons back to their rooms.



was a companion for Daisy, but not for long. Charlie’s penchant for stealing goodies out of the kitchen caused his stay at the Summit to be short-lived.



was another short lived companion for Daisy. She was so timid that she hid under the piano every time a guest tried to get near her. A more suitable home was found for her in Weston, Massachusetts.



was literally dropped off at the front door of the Summit Lodge. Crunch followed in Charlie’s footsteps. After feasting on a 44 pound roast and 12 freshly roasted ducks, a more suitable home on a farm was found for him.



was finally a suitable companion for Daisy! Schaefer was abandoned at a nearby Vet Clinic and adopted by the Summit during Christmas week. He strolled into the lobby and sat down as if he had lived here all his life.



was a new companion for Schaefer after Daisy’s death. Inga and Schaefer were notorious for sniffing out pets that guests tried to sneak into their rooms. Quite territorial, Inga once squared off with a skunk on the grounds which resulted in a 2AM tomato juice bath in the parking lot for both Inga and her master.



arrived from Canada to be Schaefer’s new companion when Inga passed on. The only Summit Saint to be bred, she and Schaefer were proud parents to ten puppies. Schatzie and Schaefer were also awarded the prestigious award “Best Saint Bernards” by Playboy Magazine in their February 1982 issue.



was Schatzie’s new companion after Schaefer. The two of them perfected the tradition of lying on the rug by the front desk- creating their own personal petting zoo.



arrived in the summer of 1987 as a new companion for Casey. Both were famous for raiding the manager’s cocktail parties and begging for handouts from guests.



arrived from North Dakota to replace Casey and serve as companion to Heidi. Though he only lived to be six, Maxwell was immortalized at the Summit Lodge in our former restaurant that shared his name.



was a new companion for Heidi, he was a regal animal who reigned over the Summit for nine years. An avid hiker, Henry enjoyed long walks on the wooded trails, chasing “chippies” along the way.



was Henry’s new companion. Abby was a faithful Summit employee- posing for pictures, attending wedding ceremonies, and obeying every command. Also an avid hiker, she and Henry did chipmunk duty together. The back of their master’s Ford Explorer was where you often found them.



At first Abby had no use for the playful pup. But she taught him the ropes and they eventually discovered their mutual love and admiration for each other shortly before her death. A “barker”, Otto often communicated to guests as they entered the grounds or the lobby. Our “Big Boy” passed away August 27, 2011 and will forever be missed.



Louise was the perfect 2005 Christmas gift! Playful and energetic, she could be found swimming in the outdoor pool or lounging in a chair poolside. She loved greeting the Motor Coach guests and hopped right on the bus to send them off. Louise even sang with our in-house piano player, Frank! She passed away in March 2011 and will always be remembered as our Summit “Princess.”



Arrived in August 2011 and quickly adapted to life at the Summit. Although their relationship was cut short, Otto was proving to be a “protective” older brother to his new sister. Rachael carries on the tradition of the Summit Saint’s and may one day have a new “brother” join her.

Puppy pics 2012 006


Teddy was born on New Year’s Eve 2011. He arrived at the lodge on Monday, February 27, 2011. He has already earned the appropriate nickname “Teddy the Tank” based on his size and stature. He joins Rachael, who is his “true” sister from a previous litter. Teddy was named after Ted Bridges, a longtime resident of Killington and one of the most active advocates of tourism in the region.